Bridge-IT Pricing

See the options for subscribing to Bridge-IT v4

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Step 1: Choose your edition

Choose the version of Bridge-IT which is right for you.


£ 40

Per Month

+£20 extra for each additional computer

  • Up to 2 members of staff
  •  Perfect for practices just starting out
  •  Manage up to 500 patients
  •   Unlimited software support & updates included
  •   All prices exclude VAT

StandardMost Popular

£ 50

Per Month

+£30 extra for each additional computer

  • Up to 5 members of staff
  •  Ideal for established practices
  •  Manage up to 2000 patients
  •   Unlimited software support & updates included
  •   All prices exclude VAT


£ 60

Per Month

+£40 extra for each additional computer

  •  Unlimited members of staff
  • For practices requiring unlimited data management
  •  Manage an unlimited number of patients
  •   Unlimited software support & updates included
  •   All prices exclude VAT

Step 2: Choose Local or Cloud

What's the difference between Local and Hosted?

Local Install

Installed on your own computers
  • Software is installed on your own “in-house” network
  • Does not require internet connection to use
  • Unlimited software support & updates included
  • Automated online backup of your database included
  • Windows 10 Compatible

Cloud Based

We host it for you
  • We host the program on our secure cloud servers
  • A fully managed service which means we handle all upgrades to the software
  • All your data is automatically backed up every night
  • Connect in from any location quickly & easily
  • Requires an internet connection

Step 3: Choose your additions


Patient Touchscreen Check-in

Patients can register themselves in your waiting room, alerting reception staff and the provider in surgery.

More Details

Compatibility: Local Only

£395 (includes pad)

Signature Capture

Capture the signature of your patient for medical legal forms, letters and treatment plans. Encrypted and fully secure.

More Details

Compatibility: Local Only


Document Scanning

Communicate with any twain scanner, facilitating the scanning of documents directly into the patient record.

More Details

Compatibility: Local Only


SMS Messaging

Send text messages to a patient’s mobile phone for appointment reminders, recalls or even your promo offers.

More Details

Compatibility: Local & Cloud

Around £50 per year

Postcode Recognition

Type in a patients postcode and instantly fetch the correct registered address for that residence completely error free.

More Details

Compatibility: Local & Cloud

£595 Single Surgery

Patient Education

160+ High definition animations covering virtually every procedure you are likely to perform, print out leaflets and more!

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Compatibility: Local Only

£50 per month

Online Diary

View your diary on-line and allow your patients to check and book their own appointments over the internet.

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Compatibility: Local & Cloud


NHS Capability

Administer NHS treatments to your patients and send claims using the fully approved NHSBSA WebEDI portal.

More Details

Compatibility: Local & Cloud

£10 per dentist per month


Information coming soon.

More Details

Compatibility: Local & Cloud

Step 4: Installation & Training

We recommend 2 days of training…

Installation & Training

We strongly recommend two days of training separated by a few weeks. This provides maximum learning efficiency and retention for members of staff. If necessary training can be compressed into a single day, unless there are high numbers of staff. Contact us for more info.

We travel to practices within 100 miles are free of charge, however there is an additional charge of £25 for each 50 miles beyond that

Step 5: Contact us to order Bridge-IT

Telephone: 0800 612 4675