Step 1: Choose your edition

Startup Edition

£40 per month

+ £20 extra for each additional computer
Up to 2 members of staff
Perfect for practices just starting out
Manage up to 500 patients
 Unlimited software support & updates included
 All prices exclude VAT
Standard Edition

£50 per month

+ £30 extra for each additional computer
Up to 5 members of staff
Ideal for established practices
Manage up to 2000 patients
 Unlimited software support & updates included
 All Prices exclude VAT
 Unlimited Edition

£60 per month

+ £40 extra for each additional computer
Unlimited members of staff
For practices requiring unlimited data management
Manage an unlimited number of patients
 Unlimited software support & updates included
All Prices exclude VAT

Step 2: Choose Cloud or Local


We host the program on our secure cloud servers – No set up required!
(!) Requires an internet connection
We take care of your backups
 Connect in from anywhere quickly & easily


Easily and quickly install the program on your computer
 Windows 10 Compatible
 Available Offline
(!) Manage your own Database & Backups

What’s the difference? click here for more information on Local vs Hosted



We host the program on our secure, super-fast cloud servers. You then connect in remotely to use the program. No set up required.


You host the application and install it on your computer. It’s easy to set up and has a small footprint.
Bridge-IT requires no installation, but it does require a decent broadband connection. If your internet goes down you will lose access to the program.
We host your database for you on our secure servers and perform regular backups and maintenance on your behalf.


Updates are sent to you either on CD or can be downloaded using a tool built into the software. Backups can be automated and stored on-line using our Online Backup facility or you can keep copies of your own backed up data on your own media.
We host Bridge-IT on VERY powerful servers, so the speed at which the program runs is only limited by the speed of your internet.
It is easy to forget you are running a hosted application!


As long as the program is run on a machine that has a reasonable specification, the software will always be fast and reliable.
See this page for information on system requirements
Document scanning & links to digital imaging hardware are disabled as these require a physical link to your hardware (which is impossible over the internet) You can still upload files to your database.


 There are no limitations on the programs functionality
✘ No – requires an internet connection

Off-line Access


Remote Access

✘ No – unless you know how to configure it yourself

Step 3: Choose your additions


£50 per month
View your diary on-line and allow your patients to check and book their own appointments over the internet

More Information

Have you ever wanted to check your own diary when you’re on the move, allow new patients to sign up with your practice, or permit existing patients to check and book their own appointments over the internet? If so then the Online Diary is for you.


£395 (includes pad)
Capture the signature of your patient for medical legal forms, letters and treatment plans. Encrypted and fully secure

More Information

Trying to go completely paperless? The Patient Signature module is a good start, allowing you to capture the digital signature of a patient for medical legal forms such as medical histories, NHS PR forms and treatment plans. On the medical history, the signature is digitally encrypted and attached to the form i.e. that signature is unique to that one specific document and cannot be used on any other form just like a paper signature!. Price for module includes a single signature pad. Additional pads can be purchased for around £220.


Communicate with any twain scanner, facilitating the scanning of documents directly into the patient record

More Information

Bridge-IT already houses a document manager which allows you to connect documents (such as Word, PDF, Excel or image files) to the patient record.

However, this module enables the program to communicate with any twain compatible scanner (99% of all scanners available today), facilitating the scanning of documents directly into the patient record.


Send text messages to a patient’s mobile phone for appointment reminders, recalls or even your promo offers!

More Information

This module gives you the ability to send text messages directly to a patient’s mobile phone reminding them of their appointment, recalling them to your practice for a check up, or simply sending them your latest practice promotion.

This module also allows the recipient to reply to your message which is then sent to any e-mail address of your choice.


Around £50 per year
Type in a patients postcode and instantly fetch the correct registered address for that residence completely error free

More Information

Minimize mistakes and speed up entry of the patients address details using this helpful module. Simply key in the postcode and Bridge-IT will instantly fetch the correct registered address for that residence. Postcode recognition can be installed to display either street level or premise level information (requires an annual fee to postal service).


£595 Single Surgery
160+ High definition animations covering virtually every procedure you are likely to perform, print out leaflets and more!

More Information

Educating your patients has never been easier with the patient education module. Using the latest HD technology, you can choose from over 160 animations covering virtually every procedure you are likely to perform in surgery. The program displays and records which animations have been shown to the patient ensuring you are covered in the event of a dispute. Full colour leaflets can also be printed and given to the patient before they leave so that they can make truly informed decisions about their treatment plan. £595 for first surgery and £195 for each additional surgery.


Patients can register themselves in your waiting room, alerting reception staff and the provider in surgery

More Information

The Check-In module allows your patients to register that they have arrived with a few taps on a touchscreen monitor.  Once recognized, the patient is instantly transferred into the Bridge-IT virtual waiting room, alerting the reception desk and the provider in surgery that the patient has arrived.


Administer NHS treatments to your patients and send claims using the fully approved NHSBSA WebEDI portal

More Information

This module allows a practice to administer NHS treatments, giving dentists full access to all the functionality necessary to produce FP17 and FP17O claims required by the Dental Practice Board. Claims are made using the NHSBSA WebEDI  interface direct to the claims board using the latest XML standard. UDA’s and UOA’s can be easily monitored for each practitioner within the program.

* Prices exclude VAT

Step 4: Installation & Training


£475 per day
We strongly recommend two days of training separated by a few weeks. This provides maximum learning efficiency and retention for members of staff. If necessary training can be compressed into a single day, unless there are high numbers of staff.
(!) Travel to practices within 100 miles are free of charge, however there is an additional charge of £25 for each 50 miles beyond that
Contact Us for more info

Step 5: Contact Us


Telephone: 0800 612 4675