Bridge-IT Pricing

See the options for subscribing to Bridge-IT v4

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Step 1: Choose your edition

Choose the version of Bridge-IT which is right for you.


£ 40

Per Month

+£20 extra for each additional computer

  • Up to 2 members of staff
  •  Perfect for practices just starting out
  •  Manage up to 500 patients
  •   Unlimited software support & updates included
  •   All prices exclude VAT

StandardMost Popular

£ 50

Per Month

+£30 extra for each additional computer

  • Up to 5 members of staff
  •  Ideal for established practices
  •  Manage up to 2000 patients
  •   Unlimited software support & updates included
  •   All prices exclude VAT


£ 60

Per Month

+£40 extra for each additional computer

  •  Unlimited members of staff
  • For practices requiring unlimited data management
  •  Manage an unlimited number of patients
  •   Unlimited software support & updates included
  •   All prices exclude VAT

Step 2: Choose Local or Cloud

What's the difference between Local and Hosted?

Local Install

Installed on your own computers
  • Software is installed on your own “in-house” network
  • Does not require internet connection to use
  • Unlimited software support & updates included
  • Automated online backup of your database included
  • Windows 10 Compatible

Cloud Based

We host it for you
  • We host the program on our secure cloud servers
  • A fully managed service which means we handle all upgrades to the software
  • All your data is automatically backed up every night
  • Connect in from any location quickly & easily
  • Requires an internet connection

Step 3: Choose your additions


Patient Touchscreen Check-in

Patients can register themselves in your waiting room, alerting reception staff and the provider in surgery.

More Details

Compatibility: Local Only

£395 (includes pad)

Signature Capture

Capture the signature of your patient for medical legal forms, letters and treatment plans. Encrypted and fully secure.

More Details

Compatibility: Local Only


Document Scanning

Communicate with any twain scanner, facilitating the scanning of documents directly into the patient record.

More Details

Compatibility: Local Only


SMS Messaging

Send text messages to a patient’s mobile phone for appointment reminders, recalls or even your promo offers.

More Details

Compatibility: Local & Cloud

Around £50 per year

Postcode Recognition

Type in a patients postcode and instantly fetch the correct registered address for that residence completely error free.

More Details

Compatibility: Local & Cloud

£595 Single Surgery

Patient Education

160+ High definition animations covering virtually every procedure you are likely to perform, print out leaflets and more!

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Compatibility: Local Only

£50 per month

Online Diary

View your diary on-line and allow your patients to check and book their own appointments over the internet.

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Compatibility: Local & Cloud


NHS Capability

Administer NHS treatments to your patients and send claims using the fully approved NHSBSA WebEDI portal.

More Details

Compatibility: Local & Cloud

£10 per dentist per month


Information coming soon.

More Details

Compatibility: Local & Cloud

Step 4: Installation & Training

We recommend 2 days of training…

Installation & Training

We strongly recommend two days of training separated by a few weeks. This provides maximum learning efficiency and retention for members of staff. If necessary training can be compressed into a single day, unless there are high numbers of staff. Training is charged at £475 per day. Contact us for more info.

Travel to practices within 100 miles is free of charge, however there is an additional charge of £25 for each 50 miles beyond that.

Step 5: Contact us to order Bridge-IT

Telephone: 0800 612 4675