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More than ever before, patients have a high level of acceptance of modern technology and implementing electronic form filling into your patient journey will not only improve their overall experience at your dental practice, but will also aid the sustainability of your practice now and for the future.

Although 75% of patients opt for completing their dental forms on a device ahead of their visit via the Patient Portal, 25% still prefer an in-practice experience. Some patients lack the technology to fill in their medical documents at home, some haven’t found the time to do so, and still others feel more comfortable filling in their forms with assistance from staff at your practice. These patient behaviours should be acknowledged in order to minimise any potential stresses or anxieties associated with an upcoming visit.

The Sign-IT tablet app

Introducing Sign-IT to your practice will unlock a new level of security that would previously not be possible with more traditional data collection methods such as pen and paper. With added validation methods that ensure all mandatory data is filled in, Sign-IT offers a form of data collection that is complete and most importantly, secure.

Customer research shows that occupying your patient’s waiting room time with updating their records using the Sign-IT tablet application, helps nervous patients focus on something, which in turn allows them to feel more relaxed going into their dental appointment.

Sign-IT allows patients to fill in and sign a wide variety of forms, including (but not limited to):

  • FP17PR Form
  • Medical History
  • GDPR Consent Forms
  • Treatment Plans
  • Feedback Forms
  • Any web form or letter you create within Bridge-IT

The Sign-IT tablet app links seamlessly to your Bridge-IT dental software. As soon as the data has been collected on the Sign-IT tablet, the data is immediately transferred to the patient record and is readily viewable by the dentist in surgery.  Any previous data collected about the patient will be prefilled in the forms the patient needs to fill in, so if there are no changes required on a medical history, all they have to do is sign the form electronically. The only role for your reception team is to be on hand to support your patients with any queries they may have.

Become a paperless practice

With a comprehensive list of forms to be filled in before each visit, the amount of paper produced per patient is ever expanding.  Transitioning to a digital workflow will not only reduce your practice’s carbon footprint but will free up valuable storage space in your practice that can now be repurposed for more important things.

Removing tasks such as form filing and scanning forms manualy into the patient record from a paper copy saves a huge amount of time.

At Software 4 Dentists, we understand the importance keeping up with the latest technology and making your patient experience as easy and comfortable as possible. That’s is why we created, not only the online patient portal, but also the Sign-IT tablet app, simplfying data collection whilst supporting a safe and seamless patient journey.

Talk to our team today on 0800 612 4675 to find out how Sign-IT can empower your patient’s in-practice experience.

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