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The world of patient engagement and business growth has become an increasingly online place over the last several years, but a well designed online appointment booking portal will also make your day to day patient management easier and streamline business functions for the whole practice.

An online appointment booking portal is no longer just a nice extra for a dental practice to offer, but is a core tool for any modern practice. If you are not meeting your patients and potential patients online, where they expect to be able to access key services and products, then you are missing out on significant opportunities for your business.

Here are some reasons why online booking is an essential feature for the modern dental practice.

Patient engagement

The ability to develop a presence right in your patient’s pocket, through their mobile phone, gives you a huge advantage in engaging them. An online portal is a dedicated linkage between you and your patients that can really develop a trusted relationship between you and your dental practice.

Assist practice growth

New patients, browsing the internet, searching for a dental appointment can instantly view available slots in your practice diary before even registering. Therefore new patients can quickly be accumulated simply by viewing your availability and because of the convenience of your booking system.

Seamless integration with your existing web site

Our online booking portal can, with just a few lines of web code, be made a part of your existing web site. Instead of the patient having to leave your site to book an appointment, the seamless integration of the booking system makes it become a part of your own site, as if designed, developed and supplied by you, again improving customer perception of your practice.

Easy to use for the practice and the patient

Accessed via any internet browser an appointment booking portal puts your patient in contact with you quickly and easily. No more waiting for the phone to be answered or tying up your phone lines. If a patient wants to book a new appointment, or check their existing upcoming appointments they can do so without contacting your practice and taking up valuable staff time.  Just the sort of convenience that attracts patients to join your practice and then encourages them to stay with you!

Saves time and money

Online appointment bookings can lead to significant cost savings across your business. Busier practices that have marketed their online offer effectively regularly see a reduction in receptionist hours, and some of the more aggressively modern clinics have removed receptionist-led bookings entirely. For those left on reception, significant time savings are clear through the removed requirement to physically schedule appointments for patients.

Outpacing your competitors

Using a Portal is a powerful demonstration to your patients that you are a modern dental practice, up to date and comfortable using technology to improve the patient experience and outcomes. If you are up to date with your practice management tools then it creates a powerful sense that you are also likely to be up to date with clinical tools & techniques right across your practice.

These key advantages are all on top of the general time and money savings that an online appointment booking portal brings to your practice. Time saved on the phone & processing payments, as well as the resources saved in printing, posting and filing documents all add up to a genuine impact on your bottom line.

It is clear to see why so many practices have already adopted online portals at the heart of their patient management strategies. There really are no downsides. For more information on the Bridge-IT Online Appointment Booking Portal, please contact Software 4 Dentists on 0800 612 4675 or you can view how the booking booking can be easily managed by viewing our forum post here.

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