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Choosing the right software for your Dental Practice shouldn’t be something that’s taken lightly. This Dental Software will need to make your day to day tasks easier, increase performance and keep Patient data confidential. Bridge-IT software – developed by Software 4 Dentists can do these things and more.

We have Dentists using our software all around the UK and abroad so we know that our software is reliable, user-friendly and dependable. Here’s what some of our customers have had to say;

“Bridge-IT has been integrated seamlessly into my practice for many years. It is intuitive, logical and complete as well as graphically attractive in comparison to other dental software…”

“We have been using Bridge-IT at Hayle Dental Practice for several years now. I have been impressed the entire time by the stability of the program and it’s ease of use…”

“I have been using Bridge-IT for several years and find that it functions very smoothly. My staff has enjoyed learning to use it and it has integrated into the practice well…”

These are just snippets from many of our client testimonials. In fact, you can see more on our Testimonials page.

Our prices are very competitive compared to the other major Dental Software providers out there, however, the quality of our software is still very high. In fact, we offer a Free 60-day trial so you can see for yourself how this software can be of great help to you, your staff and your Dental Clinic.

We hope you enjoy using Bridge-IT, the most advanced Dental Practice Management Software available today. Feel free to contact for more information

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