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Creating the perfect dental schedule is the goal of every dental practice in the UK. It ensures that your practice is profitable and growing and that your staff are always working productively. What you need is dental software that addresses the barriers that prevent patients from making and keeping their appointments.

Bridge-IT dental practice management software is able to help a practice meet their goals by providing the following:

  • An online booking system that presents patients with the gaps in your practice schedule that are not yet filled.
  • Comprehensive diary tools such as automated searching for spaces in the diary and timeline overview.
  • An awaiting cancellation list which sends out SMS or e-mail prompts to patients as soon as an appointment is cancelled.
  • Automated appointment reminders and recalls.

Online Booking

Online booking and automation can effectively address the most common issues that prevent your practice from optimizing its appointment book. This can help avoid scrambling at the last minute to address gaps in your diary and reduce wasted time spent on appointment preparation.

Online booking gives patients the freedom to book their dental appointments online when and where it’s convenient for them. In fact, 90% of millennials book medical appointments on their desktop or mobile. Having easy access to online booking also means patients can avoid being put on hold if they call to book, and means your phone lines aren’t constantly tied up with patients asking for details about their upcoming appointments, as they can easily go online to check their appointments for themselves.

Offering online booking also means that your practice is “open” 24/7.  In fact, if patients find your dental practice online and want to book after looking at all your great reviews but can’t find a booking link, they will likely move to the next dentist on their list.

Automate your Awaiting Cancellation List

Last-minute cancellations are inevitable in dentistry, but wasted time can be minimised with our awaiting cancellation list. As soon as a patient contacts you to cancel their appontment, a list of patients will be displayed who are waiting for a cancellation between the times of the cancelled appointment. Reception can then instantly send out an SMS or e-mail offering those patients the newly available time slot.

Automate Appointment Reminders and Recalls

Did you know that sending automated appointment reminders reduces missed appointments by a massive 29%. With Bridge-IT handling both appointment reminders and recalls for you, your staff don’t need to remember, and don’t need to spend many hours contacting patients manually.

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