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A modern and intuitive interface lends to speedy and stress-free navigation.
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Bridge-IT is a feature-rich and easy to use dental software application designed to help you completely manage your busy dental practice. Book appointments, manage patient records, record treatments and clinical notes, keep tabs on patient finances, oversee staff holidays, create informative reports and much more. It is available for installation either locally on your own “in-house” network, or can be accessed from any location in the cloud by having us host the software for you on our secure cloud servers. Simply choose the edition that best suits you.

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I have spent many unhappy months using the Software of Excellence system, and the relief at switching to Bridge-IT is enormous. The software is clear, concise and easy to use. My staff have not used computers in surgery before and all were competent within a few days.

Dr Clare WrightIce Dental

We believe that Bridge-IT is the most efficient and most elegant solution available today. But the best accreditation for any product comes, not from its developers, but from it’s users. Bridge-IT has been integrated seamlessly into my practice for many years. It is intuitive, logical and complete as well as graphically attractive in comparison to other dental software.

Dr Brian LambertyBLDP

We have been using Bridge-IT at Hayle Dental Practice for several years now. I have been impressed the entire time by the stability of the program and it’s ease of use. It is not overly complex for the user but really does do everything that is needed for a modern dental practice. Over the years the team at Bridge-IT have upgraded their product in eminently sensible ways making it more useful without making things unwieldy. The software back up is great when you need it. It has been a pleasure.

Dr Craig JeffreyHayle Dental Practice

Bridge-IT v4 Dental Software – Main Feature List

Appointment Diary

Fast, intuitive diary allows you to view and schedule appointments for any provider. Features the ability to drag and drop appointments if the time is changed, colour appointments to represent their status and the ability to instantly find the next available appointment space.

Virtual Waiting Room

Dentist can easily monitor the status of anyone in the waiting room. Using a green, amber, red traffic light system, the dentist can see at any given moment the amount of time a patient has been waiting.

Photo ID’s in Patient Record

Receptionists and dentists can see a photograph of the patient about to arrive.

Security Control

Bridge-IT gives you complete control over program security. Using a simple interface, it allows you to permit or deny access to any area of the program. Of course, only authorized users are able to gain access to the software, preventing abuse of the system. A tracking function enables you to quickly see who among your staff last made changes to a given area.

Full Patient Charting and Treatment Planning

Graphical representation of patients treatments, both planned and completed. Treatment proposals and estimates can be prepared during consultation and printed for the patient to take away.

Estimate / Billing / Paying System

Handles the production of estimates, billing and payment of every treatment. Reception can generate invoices and payment receipts as soon as the patient has completed their treatment. The billing system is fully integrated so you can easily keep track of the patients transactions and financial status

Automated Appointment Reminders

The program will automatically create reminders for all your patients who have booked appointments. Patients can be sent letters, e-mails or SMS text messages direct to their mobile phone.

Perio Charting

Full colour 6 point perio charting can be quickly recorded, printed and given to the patient, including the option to perform a Basic Perio Exam (BPE).

Comprehensive Reporting

Bridge-IT comes with a standard suite of built-in reports, providing you with invaluable information on every aspect of your practice. Additional reports can be custom built to suit your requirements, and can be designed to present information in either a written format, or by using graphical charts.

Internal Word Processor

Bridge-IT houses it’s own internal word processor, therefore fields within Bridge-IT can be visually merged into your document making it fast and simple to create any letters from within the program.

Task Scheduling

A built in task scheduling system enables you to quickly assign various tasks to different members of staff either immediately, or at a future time. You simply schedule the time and date for the task to be done, and when the time arrives, the assigned staff member will see the task clearly appear on their screen. Tasks can be discarded or rescheduled to appear at a later date.

Visual Notes

Not only can you record notes against each tooth, but visual notes enable you to view a picture of the tooth or the mouth from different angles. You can quickly add annotations to this picture in any colour you like, highlighting any problem areas, and then print it in full colour if necessary.

Treatment Options

The dentist can create various treatment options for the patient and print out the choices on a single fully illustrated plan. When the patient has chosen an option, the dentist can instantly convert that option into an actual course of treatment.

Automated Patient Recalls

No patient is ever missed using the automated recall system. The program will scan every patient and produce recall letters for those who are due for an appointment.

Links to Digital Radiography Systems

We have links to virtually all the commonly used digital imaging systems including Digirex, Digora, EastDent/EWoo/Vatech, Gendex Vixwin, Genoray Triana, Kavo, Mediadent, Planmeca, ProImage, Schick, Sirona Sidexis, Sopro, Suni, Trophy (Kodak) and Vistascan DBSWIN. Patient images stored in any system can immediately be displayed from the Bridge-IT patient record.

Patient Education Animations and Leaflets

Patient education includes over 200 high definition 3D animations and over 100 patient information leaflets to help the patient understand their conditions and treatment options, minimise the time it takes to explain conditions and treatments to patients, and overcome language barriers by using imagery which patients can easily understand.

Interactive Tools

Interactive tutorials talk you, step-by-step, through any procedure you would like to learn, getting you to actually perform the task and learn as you go.