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There are numerous benefits to using Bridge-IT in the cloud.

  • Minimized Upfront Cost: Our cloud software is licensed on a subscription basis, which means instead of paying thousands of pounds up front,  you pay a fee for access per month. Since cloud applications are hosted remotely, there are no physical server requirements, which means you don’t need to spend a lot on a dedicated server for your practice. A simple PC will do the job just as well as performance is entirely down to the speed of our powerful cloud servers.
  • Increased Mobility: Rather than installing software on a physical hard drive, the Bridge-IT cloud software is accessed by logging in on the web. That means providers can access the information they need from any location. Whether you’re in the office, traveling, or administering an at-home visit, cloud dental software helps you maintain continuity of care by staying connected to patient data.
  • Outsourced IT Maintenance: When you subscribe to the Bridge-IT cloud-based dental software, we manage all your IT maintenance, including bug-fixes updates, patches, and security and most importantly, backups. That can make a huge difference for a smaller practice with limited (or no) IT resources as it saves time, saves money, and frees your staff to focus on delivering care and improving the patient experience.

We invite you to download the trial version of our Bridge-IT software and see the benefits for yourself.

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