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Dental Imaging Software For Digital Radiography Systems

By 16th May 2016November 2nd, 2018No Comments

Link your Radiography System with the Best Dental Software

As one of the most important parts of your practice, dental imaging can be made more efficient through the use of software. It allows you to instantly store and find digital x-rays quicker than ever.

Is your current dental imaging software out of date?

For dental imaging software which is easy-to-use, and connects to most digital radiography systems, choose Bridge-IT. Our powerful software can link to almost all commonly used systems, including Digirex, Digora, EastDent/EWoo/Vatech, Gendex Vixwin, Genoray Triana, Kavo, Mediadent, Planmeca, ProImage, Schick, Sirona Sidexis, Sopro, Suni, Trophy (Kodak) and Vistascan DBSWIN.

With our system, patient images can easily be stored and displayed from your records.

Innovative and dependable, this software will enable you to run your practice with greater efficiency. Along with its digital imaging capacity, it has a huge range of other features, including Perio Charting, Automated Patient Recalls, Comprehensive Reporting, Patient Information- including animations and leaflets, a Paying System and interactive tools for ease of use.

So, whether your patient has hidden dental structures, benign masses or cavities, your work will be easier than ever.

For more information, please visit our overview page. Also, you can take advantage of our FREE 60 Day Trial.

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