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Even though we don’t offer Free Dental Software…

Here at Software 4 Dentists, we pride ourselves in making sure we offer excellent Dental Software at cost-effective prices and we think we do pretty well with that compared to our major competitors. Our Dental Software is being used by hundreds and hundreds of Dental Practices up and down the country.

Why choose Bridge-IT over Free Dental Software?

Just because something is free, it doesn’t make it better. That’s the same of Dental Software – just because you can get Dental Software for free, it doesn’t mean it’s going to benefit your Dental Practice. Our Dental Software – Bridge-IT, is already benefiting Dental Practices in the UK and here’s why it can benefit yours as well;

  • Full Patient Charting and Treatment Planning
  • Task Scheduling
  • Links to Digital Radiography Systems
  • Treatment Options
  • Visual Notes
  • Security Control
  • and more

You can visit our Overview page for a more detailed description of each of the above features and more.

Also, we offer a Free 60 day trial of Bridge-IT which gives you more than enough time to see how beneficial our Dental Software can be.

We thank you for considering us. Please feel free to contact us via the form below should you require anything else.

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