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Dental Software Application that’s easy to use for your practice…

As far as software is concerned, running a busy dental practice shouldn’t be difficult. Old, clunky software applications can make life difficult not only for the admin side – but also at the reception desk. That’s why we tried to make Bridge-IT as easy as possible to navigate, perform complex tasks and use quickly and efficiently.

Have a look at some screenshots of the clean, clutter-less interface in Bridge-IT v4.

Some Frequently asked questions about our excellent dental software.

Can I trial the software for myself?

Yes! You can download a 60 day trial version of the software by clicking the “Download” button at the top of the page.

Can a demonstration be arranged at our practice?

Generally we do not do on site visits as are trying to move to a more on-line system (which is why we provide a fully downloadable demo). This enables us to keep the cost of the product down and allows you to test the program in the comfort of your own home and over an extended period. However we are happy to do a remote demonstration so that we can take you through the various aspects of the program and answer any questions you may have. Simply select “Contact Us” at the top of the screen to arrange a demo.

Does your program cater for the NHS?

Yes. We have released a fully approved NHS module which enables dentists from England or Wales either to create and print out the relevant claims forms, or to communicate data via the EDI internet link directly to the DPB web site. Bridge-IT automatically calculates the relevant charge band based on the treatments that have been administered, therefore most claims can be generated by just two clicks of the mouse button.

Seen enough?

Trial our Bridge-IT today, or get in touch with us to order.

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