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What are the differences between the Cloud and Local editions?

The cloud based version allows you to run Bridge-IT on your desktop but it actually runs on our secure servers which we host for you. This means that your data can be accessed from any PC and from any location, so it is a good option for providers who want to be able to access their appointment diary or patient information at any time. There are a few limitations regarding the available modules for the cloud version owing to the virtual nature of the program and these are described on the pricing page.

The local edition is a desktop application that is installed on your own computers and which stores all of your data on your own in-house network. It has no limitations as regards modules but is only available online if you leave one of your computers on at the practice and use a remote desktop tool such as TeamViewer.

Can I trial the software for myself?

Yes! You can download a 60 day trial version of the software by clicking the “Download” button at the top of the page.

Can a demonstration be arranged at our practice?

Generally we do not do on site visits as are trying to move to a more on-line system (which is why we provide a fully downloadable demo). This enables us to keep the cost of the product down and allows you to test the program in the comfort of your own home and over an extended period. However we are happy to do a remote demonstration so that we can take you through the various aspects of the program and answer any questions you may have. Simply select “Contact Us” at the top of the screen to arrange a demo.

Can I import my patient data from another system?

Bridge-IT has comprehensive imports for many systems including Kodak and SOE. It can also import appointments, basic patient contact information, last recall date, financial status etc from any comma delimited file such as those produced by Excel, Outlook or any other system. In some circumstances it is also possible to import clinical notes to the patients record. A comma delimited file usually has a .csv file extension and has fields separated by a comma. For example:

“Jenny”,”Smith”,”15 Watts Way”,”High Wycombe” etc etc

In regard to importing additional data our usual policy is to examine your current database, and then give you an assessment of what can be extracted. Limitations of what can be imported generally lie with the old system rather than in Bridge-IT.

What is the minimum internet connection speed I would need for the Cloud based version?

We recommend a minimum 2Mb/s internet connection speed which the vast majority of locations now have. If you want to test your internet connection speed follow this link https://www.speedtest.net and activate the line test. This will give you the download and upload speeds of your internet connection. As long as the download speed is 2Mb/s or above you will have no problem running the cloud version. Of course if fibre is available in your area that’s even better.

Does Bridge-IT interface to Digital x-ray systems?

Yes, both the cloud and local editions of Bridge-IT interface seamlessly with many different radiographic systems. In fact we have now created links to virtually every system available in the UK.  This allows you to choose the digital imaging hardware that you feel is best for your practice and then access your patients x-rays instantly from Bridge-IT. There is no need to exit one program and start another, your patients images are available for viewing at the touch of a button from the Bridge-IT software.

Which x-ray systems do you currently have interfaces for?

Our interface list to the different x-ray packages on the market is extensive, covering most of the systems available on the market. If you don’t see your x-ray system in the list below, we work on a policy of developing new links free of charge to our customers.

So far the list includes:

  • Apteryx XVLite
  • Cliniview
  • Dental Eye
  • Digirex
  • Dr Suni
  • Digora
  • EasyDent/EWoo/Vatech
  • Fimet Ultimax
  • Gendex Vixwin
  • Genoray Lynx
  • Genoray Triana
  • iRis and Raymage
  • Kavo
  • Mediadent
  • Oriswin DG (Fona)
  • Planmeca
  • ProImage
  • Schick
  • Sirona Sidexis
  • Sopro
  • Suni
  • Trophy (Kodak)
  • Velopex
  • Vistascan DBSWIN.

If you use a digital x-ray system that is not listed here, we will gladly set up an interface to it free of charge.

Do you have any links to advanced periodontal software?

Yes, we have a built in interface to Florida Probe which connects the patient’s periodontal exams to the patient record in Bridge-IT.

Can I generate all my recalls and appointment reminders automatically through Bridge-IT?

Yes. Bridge-IT houses a comprehensive recall and appointment reminder system that allows you to communicate with your patients by e-mail, letter or SMS text message. These processes can be completely automated so you can concentrate on caring for your patients whilst Bridge-IT handles this side of the business for you.

Does your program cater for the NHS?

Yes. We have released a fully approved NHS module which enables dentists from England or Wales either to create and print out the relevant claims forms, or to communicate data via the EDI internet link directly to the DPB web site. Bridge-IT automatically calculates the relevant charge band based on the treatments that have been administered, therefore most claims can be generated by just two clicks of the mouse button.

What about the Scottish NHS system. Does your program cater for that too?

Unfortunately not. We introduced the NHS module after England and Wales adopted the three banding system and we designed our software around that. Therefore we are unable to generate the treatment item fee level that is required by the Scottish NHS board.

What about NHS Orthodontics?

Bridge-IT is fully approved for NHS orthodontics and allows entry of the orthodontic claim information which can also be either printed or sent electronically to the DPB.

What type of network do I require?

We recommend a wired network for running Bridge-IT over your network as there is information constantly travelling back and forth between the clients and the database. Although Bridge-IT will work over a wireless network (and we have numerous practices that do), we strongly advise against it. Wireless signals can be unreliable and may drop their connection to the server at crucial times. In addition, wireless networks are much slower than cabled ones, therefore we suggest wired connectivity whenever possible.

Can Bridge-IT run on 64-bit operating systems?

Yes, Bridge-IT is fully compatible with 64-bit technology. In fact we do all of our development on 64-bit machines.

Which operating systems can Bridge-IT run on?

Both the Cloud and Local versions of the software will run on:

  • Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows 2008 R2 Server Edition
  • Windows 2012 R2 Server Edition
  • Windows 2016 Server Edition
  • Windows 2019 Server Edition


Addon: Online Patient Booking

Online Patient Booking

Everybody wants to manage their lives online these days, so why not their dental appointments! This module allows existing patients to book their own appointment online and, if you wish, can be made to accept new patient registrations further increasing your availabilty. The online booking system can be customized with your own logo, welcome messages, contact details etc to make it a part of your service. A demo can be found here https://mydentalbooking.co.uk/id/onlinedemo. Try signing up as a new patient and booking your own appointment.


Addon: Patient E-Input and Signature Capture

Patient E-Input and Signature Capture

Patient e-input:
Have patients securely input their medical histories, fill in questionnaires and capture signature approval for medical legal documents, all using a simple tablet interface. Staff no longer need to spend time inputing the information in the patient record themselves.

Alternatively, signature capture only:
Electronically capture the signature approval of your patient for medical legal forms, letters, treatment plans, NHS PR forms, and more using a signature capture pad.


Addon: Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Communicate with any twain scanner, facilitating the scanning of documents directly into the patient record.

Bridge-IT already houses a document manager which allows you to connect documents (such as Word, PDF, Excel or image files) to the patient record. However, this module enables the program to communicate with any twain compatible scanner (99% of all scanners available today), facilitating the scanning of documents directly into the patient record.


Addon: SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging

The SMS module allows your practice to automatically send text messages directly to a patient’s mobile phone reminding them of their appointment, recalling them to your practice for a check up, or simply sending them your latest practice promotion. The patient is able to reply to your message and the correspondence is all recorded in the software. You can even enable the ability for a patient’s appointment status to be updated according to their response, i.e. confirming or cancelling an appointment.


Addon: Postcode Recognition

Postcode Recognition

Type in a patients postcode and instantly fetch the correct registered address for that residence completely error free.

Minimize mistakes and speed up entry of the patients address details using this helpful module. Simply key in the postcode and Bridge-IT will instantly fetch the correct registered address for that residence. Postcode recognition can be installed to display either street level or premise level information (requires an annual fee to postal service).


Addon: Patient Education

Patient Education

160+ High definition animations covering virtually every procedure you are likely to perform, print out leaflets and more!

Educating your patients has never been easier with the patient education module. Using the latest HD technology, you can choose from over 160 animations covering virtually every procedure you are likely to perform in surgery. The program displays and records which animations have been shown to the patient ensuring you are covered in the event of a dispute. Full colour leaflets can also be printed and given to the patient before they leave so that they can make truly informed decisions about their treatment plan. £595 for first surgery and £195 for each additional surgery.


Addon: Patient Check-in Touchscreen

Patient Check-in Touchscreen

Patients can register themselves in your waiting room, alerting reception staff and the provider in surgery.

The Check-In module allows your patients to register that they have arrived with a few taps on a touchscreen monitor. Once recognised, the patient is instantly transferred into the Bridge-IT virtual waiting room, alerting the reception desk and the provider in surgery that the patient has arrived.


Addon: NHS Capability

NHS Capability

Administer NHS treatments to your patients and send claims using the fully approved NHSBSA WebEDI portal

This module allows a practice to administer NHS treatments, giving dentists full access to all the functionality necessary to produce FP17 and FP17O claims required by the Dental Practice Board. Claims are made using the NHSBSA WebEDI interface direct to the claims board using the latest XML standard. UDA’s and UOA’s can be easily monitored for each practitioner within the program.


Addon: DEPPA


Create Denplan DEPPA assessments from within the Bridge-IT software instead of having to re-enter patient details onto Denplan’s own web service. Assessments can then be fully managed within the software.