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Bridge-IT Update and New Tablet Companion App

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Dear Bridge-IT Customer

We truly hope that you have been able to reopen your doors and business is slowly returning to “normal”. In light of recent events there are two important announcements we need to make.

COVID 19 - Aerosol Generating Procedures

Firstly, for those practices that have already upgraded to version 4.3.3, there will be a patch due shortly ( which you should install as soon as possible (You will made aware of the patch by a clear message in the top right of your screen when you log into Bridge-IT).  In harmony with the dental boards instructions we have introduced a new “Aerosol Generating Procedure” flag in the treatments database so you can mark any treatments requiring AGP. This is particularly important for NHS practices as the FP17 claim form MUST reflect the number of appointments in which AGP is used. The NHSBSA will be expecting this change from the 1st August 2020 so it is important to update as soon as possible.

Once you have installed the update you will need to go to your “Treatments” database and edit any treatments that require AGP. Simply tick the box “Aerosol Generating Procedure” on any treatments that need it and “Save and Close”. From that point on Bridge-IT will auto calculate the number of appointments in which AGP is used and reflect this on the FP17 claim.

For those practices that are still on older versions of the software please upgrade as soon as possible as there any numerous features you can apply to the COVID era we currently find ourselves in. 

How can I check what version I am currently running?

Go to “Help” and “About” at the top of the screen in Bridge-IT.  The first 3 digits of the software version will tell what you are on. If it is less than 4.3.3 (4.3.2 or under) you should upgrade now.  If you do not see a message appear in the top right of your screen when you first log into the program, you should contact us and we’ll upgrade your system for you.  It means you’re running a very old version that doesn’t have the online update facility available.

Sign-IT Tablet App

Secondly, in addition to the patient web portal allowing patients to fill in and sign their medical history, treatment plans, PR forms etc online at home (which many of you have already signed up for), we have also introduced a new Android companion app called Sign-IT which enables a patient to do the same thing on an Android tablet at your practice.  This will be ideal for patients who have turned up for their appointment but haven’t yet filled in their forms online. 

In order to use the Sign-IT app you should use a reasonable Android tablet with decent screen sensitivity for tracing the movement of the finger on the screen for signature. In this regard we are strongly recommending the Galaxy Tab A 2019. This can be acquired in either 8" (at roughly £130) or 10.1" (at roughly £180) versions. For the sake of patients with poor eye sight we advise the 10.1" version.  Please note this companion app will now supersede the old tablet version in “Patient Mode” so that both the tablet and the web portal function in exactly the same way providing consistency across all platforms for patients.

The tablet app is available for just £10+vat per month per device and can be installed from here on the Play Store

Instructions on how to install the app can be found on our forum here

As always if you need any help or have any questions contact us straight away.

All the very best!

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