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Bridge-IT Upgrade 4.3.3 and Restarting Your Practice

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Release of Bridge-IT Version 4.3.3
We’re pleased to announce that we have released Version 4.3.3 of the Bridge-IT Dental Software.   This update includes a raft of program improvements, performance enhancements and some amazing new features which have virtually become an essential in this post COVID environment. All of these are described in the Release Notes document which we have attached to this mail.  For your convenience this document also outlines the changes from the previous version so those practices that failed to update last time can also see the enhancements we developed previously and remain up to date.
What do I need to do to upgrade?
For those practices who did upgrade last time, upgrading to 4.3.3 is incredibly simple. A message will clearly show in the top right of your home page in Bridge-IT when you log into the program informing you that a “major upgrade is available”.  Select Help/Check for Updates from the menu at the top of the screen in Bridge-IT and it will download and install the update.  This should be co-ordinated with the rest of practice so that everyone is on the same version.  The upgrade will probably take from 5-10 minutes on each computer depending on the speed of your PC.
For those practices that do not see this message and did not upgrade last time please contact us and we’ll upgrade your system for you. We strongly recommend you do so a.s.a.p as we want to get all practices using the latest version.
How can I tell which version my practice is currently using?
Simply select “Help/About” from the menu at the top of the screen in Bridge-IT and you’ll see the version you are using.  Only the first 3 digits are important. The last version was 4.3.2 but a number of practices are still using 4.3.1 (and a few are still on 4.3.0).
COVID-19 Related Information
We have written a couple of COVID related articles and added them to our website forum to assist you.
The first article relates to features within the software that you can implement now and is entitled “COVID 19 - Post Lockdown Bridge-IT Modifications and New Features”. It can be found here
The second article gives direction on how you can refill your appointment book which is entitled “COVID 19 - Post Lockdown Suggestions for Restarting Your Practice”.
What costs are involved in using the new facilities?
Online Web Forms                        £40+vat per month
Online Patient Booking System    £250+vat initial set up fee to integrate with your practice database and then £50+vat per month
If you would like to take advantage of Online Forms, Online Patient Booking System or PaymentSense integration for minimal contact between your staff and patients, or if you have any other queries please contact us.
All the best to you!