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Bridge-IT Version 4.3.6 Release

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We’re pleased to announce that Bridge-IT version 4.3.6 has been released.  A full version of the release notes has been e-mailed to every customer, but in summary here’s a list of the main features:
  • Changes to NHS Claim Transmission Requirements to be implemented on 1st December 2021. It is imperative that NHS practices upgrade before 1st December 2021.
  • Revised web portal PR Form so it now looks and feels much more like the paper form and is easier to fill.
  • More advanced “Awaiting Cancellation” list.
  • More advanced “Diary Slot History”, so simply hovering over a space will reveal it’s past appointment bookings.
  • New quick find document template when creating “Quick Documents” from patient record.
  • New “Quick Note” feature to make a note of incoming or outgoing patients about their appointments.
There are dozens of other updates which are outlined in the release notes.
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