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Bridge-IT Version 4.3.9 Release

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We’re pleased to announce the Bridge-IT version 4.3.9 release.  A full version of the release notes will be e-mailed to every customer, but here’s a brief summary of the main features:
  • Much enhanced Online Booking functionality making it easier for reception to track and deal with new patient registrations/appointments booked online.
  • Lab work tracking made easier as tasks are automatically created for chasing up late/expected lab work.
  • E-Mails from patients can now go to different e-mail addresses making it easier to track patient responses in your e-mail client.
  • GP’s can be easily selected from a new control on the web form medical history.
  • If patient is on a payment plan that permits a certain number of free treatments each year, the provider is alerted to this on opening charting.
  • Instant scanning of documents can now handle multiple pages to a single PDF, instead of scanning as separate files image files.
  • Report filters have a helpful hints box that tells you the most common ways to filter a specific report to get the data you need.
  • NHS claims updated and changes in band pricing to comply with latest standards.
  • Many other enhancements and bug fixes.


There are dozens of other changes in 4.3.9, and customers will receive a full release document by e-mail. As always we encourage ALL staff members to read this document to maintain a good level of training.

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