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Bridge-IT Version 4.4.0 Release

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We’re pleased to announce the Bridge-IT version 4.4.0 release.  A full version of the release notes will be e-mailed to every customer, but here’s a brief summary of the main features:
  • Mailshots sent to patients via SMS, e-mail or letter can now be tracked to show their success rate.
  • Basic Erosive Wear Examination (BEWE) has been added to the perio section of the patient record.
  • Lab cases can be assigned to a “Completed” status indicating that a lab case is finished.
  • Users can add a patient to the appointment store without them already having an appointment booked.
  • Users can choose their own non-working colours in the diary rather than using the default light grey colour.
  • For online booking, there is an option to limit the available diary slots for providers to maximise the efficiency of practice time.
  • When requesting an online payment from a patient, you can now send both an SMS and an e-mail to ensure the patient receives the link for them to pay an invoice, or pre-pay for upcoming treatment.
  • A new report has been added to calculate the average earnings per hour of each provider.
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes (see attached)


There are dozens of other changes in 4.4.0, and customers will receive a full release document by e-mail. As always we encourage ALL staff members to read this document to maintain a good level of training.

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