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COVID 19 - Post Lockdown Bridge-IT Modifications and New Features

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In the COVID 19 post lockdown era, safety will obviously be the focus. Safety for both your staff and your patients. To this end the suggestions below will show you how to modify your existing Bridge-IT set up to record Covid related information, as well as new features which will ensure each patient has as little contact with your staff and other patients in the waiting room areas as possible.

Online Web Forms
Perhaps the most important new feature is our online web forms functionality. Instead of the patient arriving and having to fill in/update their medical history and consent/contact information in the waiting room, and then signing treatment plans at the front desk after they have been into surgery, your patients can complete all those details online at home or on their mobile device. How does this work?  Please see the simple step-by-step guide below:

Step 1
Open the patient's appointment and select "Capture Data" in the bottom right.

Step 2
Select the documents you wish to capture for the patient. Instead of sending the documents to the new tablet capture facility (which is now available for both Android and iPad tablets), you send the forms to the online web portal.  You can capture medical histories, consent/contact data and sign treatment plans, PR Forms and any letter template you have created within the software.
Step 3
An e-mail is sent to the patient requesting that they fill in and sign the documents you have requested. Of course this e-mail can be formatted in any way you like including your own practice logo etc.
Step 4
For security reasons, an authentication code is sent to the patient's mobile. They must enter the code to view their documents.
Step 5
The patient views the requested documents and can fill in their medical history and sign it along with their other documents.



 Step 6

Once completed, the captured documents are uploaded back to Bridge-IT and can be instantly viewed within the program.
Using Integrated PaymentSense Card Payments to Prevent Sharing of Terminal Between Staff and Patients
Without integration it is necessary for your staff to enter payment amounts into the card machine before passing it to the patients for them to enter their PIN and then back again to your staff member.  With the Bridge-IT / PaymentSense integrated system this contact is eliminated.  The card machine can remain on the other side of a barrier if necessary. Bridge-IT will automatically pass the requested amount to the terminal for the patient to handle and then once the transaction is completed the details are updated back to Bridge-IT, thus removing another potential transmission point. Switching from your current provider to this service is very simple. Please contact us if you would like to know more.
Allow Patients To Book Appointments Online
Now more than ever before it is necessary to present patients with the option to book their appointments from home or a mobile device. Adding a button to your web site that says "To Book An Online Appointment Click Here" is extremely simple and your web page builder will have no problem adding a link to the online booking system. This booking system is linked to your own Bridge-IT appointment diary so will only present available slots and treatments to the patient. This will certainly maximise the efficiency of your practice in a very short time.  How does the booking system work?  Please see the simple step-by-step guide below:
Step 1
The patient clicks a button on your site which takes them straight to the online booking page. These web pages can be easily adapted to show your own practice logo and welcome messages, maintaining the personality of your practice. If the visitor is a new patient they can sign up straight away. All the patient contact details will authomatically be fed back to your Bridge-IT database and your reception staff will instantly see any new patients who have signed up online. If the visitor is a returning patient they just enter their log in credentials to view their account.
PBS Welcome.png
Step 2
The patient now sees an overview of any appointments allowing them to see, not only their appointment history, but also any appointments that are booked in the future, again saving your practice time from having patients contacting you to remind them when their appointment is.
PBS Overview.png
Step 3
The booking system looks up available slots within your own Bridge-IT appointment book.  Please note these slots can be configured so you decide which providers can be booked onlne and which can't. You also decide which treatments can be booked online, i.e. Check Up 15 Mins etc. The patient can browse through all the available slots and choose a time that suits them.
PBS Booking.png
Step 4
The appointment is confirmed on screen and the patient can either print out their own confirmation slip or get an e-mail sent to themselves confirming the details of their appointment.
PBS Confirmation.png
Please contact us to implement this increasingly in demand facility at your practice.
Adding a COVID Related Cancellation Reason
If you want to add a new appointment status that relates specifically to COVID issues simply follow the steps below:
  1. Open the appointment editor and next to the box "Appointment Status" click the small yellow folder
  2. Enter your new appointment status into the blank line along the top and tick the cancel box if you want the status to automatically cancel the appointment too. Also select an appropriate colour so if the appointment is left in the diary you will easily identify that it is COVID related by the border colour.
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