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Add and amend your categories (Appointment, Treatment Category, etc.)


Add and amend your categories

Bridge-IT is extremely customisable. Almost every category within Bridge-IT can be added to/deleted and altered to suit your practice.

Categories are edited by clicking Categories on the left Navigation pane, and selecting the category type you would like to manage.

The two categories you should setup right away are:


These categories are selected when booking an appointment. You will select a background colour that will be used in the appointment diary when booking this appointment type. This allows you to see the type of appointment at a glance when viewing the diary.

Example appointment categories: Nhs, Private, Emergency, etc.

Treatment Categories

Not to be confused with Treatments, these are Treatment Categories and serve two main functions.

  1.  A treatment category describes the purpose of an appointment. A treatment category is selected when an appointment is booked. Each treatment category is assigned a default appointment length and when selected, the appointment length will default to the supplied number of minutes.
  2. Treatments (procedures/sundries etc.) can be assigned to a treatment category. The category can then be used to quickly filter the treatment list to show only relevant treatments when charting.

Example treatment categories: Examination, Extraction, Whitening Consultation, etc.


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