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Add Staff Member Accounts


Add Staff Member Accounts

Ideally staff members who use Bridge-IT should all have their own unique staff member account. Staff members can be assigned specific roles within Bridge-IT and added to custom security groups. This allows you to limit what data staff members have access to view and edit.

To add staff members:

Click Staff Members in the left Navigation pane.

Click Add New Staff from within the Common Tasks pane, beneath the Navigation pane used before.

This displays the Staff Member Editor.

Use the tabs (Contact, Staff, Access, Consent and Miscellaneous) to add relevant information to the staff member's account.


When selecting Provider Type in the Staff tab, staff without professions listed should be assigned as Other. This includes receptionists and admin assistants etc.

Staff members can set their username and password for their account in the Access tab.

Security Group Access (in the Access tab) limits a staff members scope of access within Bridge-IT.  You may add and amend security groups by clicking Security in the left Navigation pane. 

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