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Getting Started with the Sign-IT Companion App


The New Sign-IT Companion App for Bridge-IT Dental Software


Preliminary Set-Up

Ensure that your server is installed with the Sign-IT listening software and that your server firewall is configured correctly by contacting Software 4 Dentists who can set that up for you.

Your server PC should have a fixed IP address on the network (which will normally be something like


  • First you need to purchase a reasonable Android tablet with decent screen sensitivity for tracing the movement of the finger on the screen for signature. In this regard we are strongly recommending the Galaxy Tab A 2019. This can be acquired in either 8" (at roughly £130) or 10.1" (at roughly £180) versions. For the sake of patients with poor eye sight we advise the 10.1" version.
  • Configure your tablet device with a lock code allowing access to the home screen when the device is turned on. This is to ensure that patients are unable to leave the Sign-IT app once it is started as only staff members will know that PIN.
  • Open the Play Store and browse for the Sign-IT app. It is described as the Bridge-IT Companion App. Download and install the app on your device.
  • Start the app to view the home screen (below).


  • Click on the "Settings" button and enter the API key provided by Software 4 Dentists. Also enter the IP address of your server which should be fixed so that it does not change if the router is restarted as mentioned in the "preliminary Set-Up" above.



  • Within the Bridge-IT software, open the appointment editor and select "Capture Data" in the bottom right. Choose the documents you want to capture and ensure that "Capture to Tablet" is selected rather than the Web Portal (if that is active for your system).  Make a note of the patient's date of birth as this will be necessary now that those documents have be made available to Sign-IT app on your device.


  • Press the "Start" button and enter the day and month of birth of the patient you just requested documents for.
  • If only one patient that matches the DOB criteria, the captured documents will immediately be displayed on the screen, however if there are multiple patients with the same day and month for their date of birth you will see a second screen as shown below which narrows down your patient choice with their first name initial and surname.
  • The selected patient documents will now be displayed in exactly the same way as they are on the web portal, allowing your patient to fill in and sign the requested forms.
  • Once the forms are completed, they will be transferred to the server for you to open in the Bridge-IT software. A message will appear on the tablet device requesting that the patient to return the tablet to a member of staff.
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Please read our guide to securing your Sign-IT tablet here:

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