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Getting started with your appointment diary

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Getting Started With Your Appointment Diary

When you first started using the appointment diary, or if you add a new staff member, you will need to configure the diary for their use. Each user can decide exactly how they want their diary to look and for this reason it will be blank when you first open it under a logged in user.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is select "Show Diary Settings" in the top right of the screen. This will display the "Diary Settings" panel.

Diary 01


Step 2

Select the "Diary Settings" tab in the top right. From here you can configure how this user wants to see their diary.

Diary 02


Below is summary of each of the settings:

Schedule View Format - Diary can be viewed in day, week, working week and month format. Normally users choose the Day view as it makes appointments easier to see.

Schedule Time Format - Times are shown in 12 or 24 hour format.

Schedule Start/End Hour - The practice opening and closing times. This narrows down the amount of time shown on the diary.

Interval Height/Font Size - The height of each row in the diary. From version 4.3.8 you can also change the font size used in the diary for those with poor eye sight or very small screens.

Show Appointments For - How far back you want the diary to show appointments for. The reason this exists is because as the years role by it is unnecessary to retrieve thousands of appointments from years ago which would only serve to slow down the performance of the diary.

Alternate Row Colours - If turned on, each row is a slightly different colour making it easier to see which row is currently being viewed.

Show Up to - This determines how many providers can be viewed on the screen at any one time. Users such as receptionists with a large screen and booking for multiple providers may set this to a high number. If the user only has a small screen they can reduce this number and will need to scroll to see other providers diaries.

Show Appointment Notes - When an appointment is made there is a notes tab. Ticking this box will show those notes below the appointment description.

Show Minutes in Appointment Book - Should always be ticked. This will display the minute increments on each row in the diary.

Show Timeline - Displays a useful timeline overview of the whole diary at the top of the screen. This can be moved independently of the diary below.

Highlight Current Time - Current time will display as a red hatched row in the diary.

Show Appointment Slot History - When ticked, merely hovering over the diary will display any previous appointments that were booked into the currently highlighted slot.

Use Provider Initials - Where the screen is very small, you can use provider initials at the top of the diary instead of their full name. Not normally necessary.

Configure Diary Colours - Each provider can have different working time and lunch time colours.

Set Finished Status - Can only be set by reception. Will automatically set the appointment to the status selected in this box when the patient is added to the waiting room. Normally set to "Complete".

Remove Patient From Waiting Room - Once patient has left surgery they will automatically be removed from the waiting room if ticked. Otherwise they will remain until the following day.

Play Sound When New Patient Arrives - If ticked in surgery, a sound will be played when a patient is added to the waiting room.

Play Sound When Provider Calls Patient - If a provider right clicks on a patient in the waiting room and selects "Call Patient", a sound will play on reception along with a tag at the bottom of the screen telling them to send in the next patient.


Step 3

Now select the "Schedule" tab on the right. You should see a list of providers on the right of the screen. Each user can display which providers they want to see by ticking or unticking them. Note, you can use the up and down arrows below the provider box to adjust the order in which they appear in the diary.

Diary 03


Now you are ready to start adding appointments to provider's appointment book.

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