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Securing your Sign-IT tablet device


The Sign-IT companion app utilises the pin windows feature in Android to prevent patients from accidentally (or intentionally!) accessing other apps on the tablet device.

When an application is pinned, it is locked onto that specific app, and requires the device to be unlocked in order to use a different one. It also hides the notification bar.

The following instructions show how to activate the pin windows feature and require the device PIN in order to unpin the app. 

These instructions are for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019), so if you have a different Android tablet device then the settings may be arranged differently but should contain the same features:

Enable a device lock screen PIN

  • From the home screen, swipe up to access your apps.
Tablet Home Screen


  •  Click on the Settings app
Tablet Apps


  • Click on Lock screen
Tablet Settings


  • Click on Screen lock type
Tablet Lock Screen


  • Select PIN (or alternatively you can use a password instead)
Tablet Lockscreen Type


  • Enter the desired PIN and click continue (you will need to enter it again for confirmation)
Tablet Set PIN


Enable the pin windows feature

  • Return to main Settings screen again and click Security. (Use the device back button to return to previous screens)
Tablet Settings Security


  • Click Other security settings
Tablet Security


  • Click Pin windows
Tablet Other Security Settings


  • Switch both toggles to ON
Tablet Pin Windows Off
Tablet Pin Windows On



Pinning and unpinning the Sign-IT app

  • When you open the Sign-IT app, a message will tell you that the app has automatically been pinned. The app is now secured for use by patients.
Sign IT Pinned


  • The message tells you how to unpin Sign-IT if you need to use another app. Just press and hold the Back and Recents button at the same time.
Sign IT Unpin


  • The lock screen will be displayed. Swipe the screen and enter your PIN to unlock the device.
Sign IT Unlock



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