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Set up your treatments


Set up your treatments

Within Bridge-IT a treatment describes anything you provide to a patient. This includes procedures (eg. an extraction) and sundries (eg. dental floss). Each treatment will be assigned a category, so you don't need to worry about the sundries filling up your treatment list whilst charting.

Bridge-IT comes with a host of common treatments already added to help you get up and running. You can edit or remove the ones already in the list, as well as add new ones.

To access the treatment list:

Click Treatments in the left Navigation panel.

Double click on some of the treatments in the list already to see how they are set up. It may be easier for you to alter the original treatments and not attempt to add your own until you have received your full training day(s), as there are some sections that might need some explanation.

To amend the price(s) of a treatment: double click on the treatment, and select the Prices tab.

There are three pricing levels. Price 1 is the default, and price 2 and 3 are used optionally. The three pricing levels allow you to have 3 separate price lists. For example, you may have a different price list for under 18s or OAPs alongside your default prices. If you only use a single price list then just use Price 1 and leave the others empty.

Treatments can be priced using different pricing structures. Some of the pricing structures are described below, but a more detailed description for each is in the Bridge-IT manual. 

  • Item - this is the simplest pricing structure. Simply set the price that is added to the invoice whenever the treatment is given.
    • Eg. Examination: £30.
  • Surface - most commonly used for fillings. Set the price based on the number of surfaces treated.
    • Eg. Composite Filling: 1 Surface: £100, 2 Surfaces: £125, 3 Surfaces: £140, 4 Surfaces: £150.
  • Quantity - used when you want to discount when selling in multiples. Set the quantity and then price that is charged for sales up to that amount.
    • Eg. Interdental Brush: Up to 3: £2.00 each, Up to 10: £1.50 each (This would reduce the price to £1.50 for each brush when the sales quantity is greater than 3, but less than 10).

Click Save and Close after you have made your changes to a treatment, or Abandon if you want to cancel your changes.

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