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[Solved] How do I install the Sign-IT Android app manually?

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Sign-IT: Bridge-IT Companion Android app is available for download via the Google Play store. So, usually you can just download it from there, but occasionally you may need to download and install the app manually. This may happen if a bug has been detected in a released version of the app and you don't want to wait a number of days for Google to complete their app review process and for the fix to be available for your tablet devices.

Follow the below instructions to download and install the Sign-IT: Bridge-IT Companion app manually.

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Important security note: NEVER download the Sign-IT app from anywhere except from the Google Play store or this website.

It is easiest to download the app directly from your tablet devices, as this means you won't need to transfer it from another device to the practice tablets. Otherwise, after downloading the following app installer, you will need to transfer the file to your tablet devices manually, via a USB cable plugged into your computer, or using a file transfer app.


Step 1: Download the app

Click the following link to download the most recent version of the Sign-IT app:

Sign-IT: Bridge-IT Companion, download link


download apk


Step 2: Install the app

When the app is downloaded, click the downloaded file to install it. You can view recent downloads in the Samsung Internet browser by clicking "Menu" > "Downloads":

browser settings
browser downloads

Your tablet will display a message indicating that installing unknown apps is blocked by default, for security. As we trust this app, we can allow it for now.

Click "Settings" on the popup and then toggle "Allow from this source" to enabled:

cannot install unkown apk
allow install unknown


Please note, if you are not using the Samsung default browser and have installed Google Chrome or some other browser, select that instead of the Samsung internet browser when allowing from this source (above).


Click Back on your device to return to the Samsung Internet browser and click on the downloaded app again, to install it:

downloaded apk
install apk 2
app installed


Step 3: Block unknown apps

This next step is NOT essential, so you may choose to ignore it. However, after the app is installed, for security purposes, it is best to reset the security setting to block unknown apps by default. It shouldn't be necessary if you only use the tablet for the Sign-IT app.

Swipe up from the bottom of the home screen and open the "Settings" app.

settings app

Type "unknown" in the search bar, then click "Install unknown apps":

settings search
search unknown
install unknown

Click "Samsung Internet" and toggle "Allow from this source" to disable it:

samsung internet allowed
disable allow


Sign-IT: Bridge-IT Companion is installed and you're ready to go!


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