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How to set up the Online Booking System from the Bridge-IT software

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How to set up the Online Booking System from the Bridge-IT software

Step 1

The online booking system's look and feel can be configured directly from within your Bridge-IT software and can be changed at any time. To do this go to "Patient Portals" from the menu at the top of the screen and select "Configure Online Booking System". The following dialogue will appear.

Online Booking Config

Notice you can configure many aspects of how your booking appears to patients:

1. You can set a theme for your site which globally changes the colour of the background, text and buttons. There are many themes to choose from so make a change, press the "OK" button, and check on the booking site to decide if it's the right theme for you. Please note: because of browser caching and sessions, you need to open your browser in "private mode" and close the browser between changes. Below are a couple of examples of how to start a private browser.

Microsoft Edge

Private Browser Edge



Private Browser Firefox


2. Brand the site with your own practice logo.

3. Set the minimum and maximum time zone for booking appointments.

4. If you would like new patients to be able to register with your practice, tick the box "New Patient Registration". If you are an NHS practice you can also decide whether new patients should be defaulted to either NHS or private patients.

5. Finally you can configure both the welcome message patients see when they visit your booking system and also the message they receive after they have booked an appointment.

Once everything is configured correctly simply press "OK" to save your configuration.


Step 2

Select "Staff Members" from the Navigation Bar on the left and then edit each record for the providers you want patients to be able to book online with. Select the "Access" tab and tick the "Patients can book online with this provider" box.



Step 3

Click on the "Staff" tab and then at the bottom choose the "Working Hours Available Online" tab. The working hours available online for this provider can be configured here and will be the only times presented to the patient when booking an appointment.

Staff Online Working Hours


Step 4

Click on the "Miscellaneous" tab and use the magnifying glass browse button to locate an image of the provider on your hard drive. This image will used (if selected) when the patient is booking an appointment with that provider.

PBS Photograph


Step 5

Select "Category Management" on the left and then "Treatment Categories". Here you can choose which treatment categories may be booked online by your patients. Typically these would be check ups or urgent treatment. Make sure you set the number of minutes so the system knows how long to make the appointment for, and also only tick the "Online" column for those treatments you want to be listed for the patients on the booking system. If you want to take a pre-payment for the appointment, specify the amount to charge in the "Pre-Payment" column. Finally the "Type" column tells the booking system whether to list the treatment dependent on the provider type. i.e. a hygiene session may only be listed for hygienists.

Treatment  Category Editor


Step 6

Select "Appointment Diary" on the left, and then select "Appointment Diary" from the menu at the top of the screen followed by "Online Booking Appointment Review".


This is where you'd normally visit to check all of the appointments that have recently been booked online. It allows a staff member to either accept or reject a request online booking, but before they can do that an e-mail (and text message if required) template needs to be created which can be sent to the patient. Select the "E-Mail Accepted" tab.


Enter your e-mail into the provided boxes including the e-mail subject. Note you can insert the fields for appointment time, provider etc by double-clicking them on the left and inserting them into your e-mail. Once you have set up the accepted e-mail format do the same for the "E-Mail Rejected" tab. Note if you also want to send an SMS text  message you can set up these up on the appropriate tabs too. Finally, on the "Options" tab, choose whether you want to send the patient an e-mail, an sms or both when accepting or rejecting their requested booking. If you want to automatically delete an appointment from the diary that has been rejected, make sure you tick the "Automatically delete rejected appointments" box.


Step 7

Finally, if you have the online booking system configured to allow new patients to register online you'll need to set this up in Bridge-IT too. Select "Appointment Diary" from the menu at the top of the screen and then "New Patients Signed Up Online"


Again select the "E-Mail Accepted" and rejected tabs and set up e-mails that either accept or rejected the patient from being a patient. Likewise you can set up SMS templates to do the same thing. On the "Review" tab, a staff member can then tick either the "Confirm" or "Reject" column against each patient signed up to register them or not. Note, on the "Options" tab you have the choice to either delete a patient that is rejected, or simply make them inactive.

Each day a staff member will visit both the appointments booked online area and/or the new patients registered online areas to accept or reject patient requests.

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