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Think feedback is just a “nice to have” for your practice? According to Zendesk, 90% of customers who read online reviews state that positive reviews influence their buying decision. Today, patient feedback is a way to not only internally audit and improve your practice, but also leverage your home-run reviews to build your patients’ confidence in their future visits. Patient reviews operate as real, authentic pieces of feedback that influence patient decisions.

Step one: Ask for feedback.

Data shows that if you ask for a review, most of the time, patients are happy to oblige. Surveys show that 68% of consumer respondents would leave a review for a business when asked. Assessing patient satisfaction is an easy way to gather input and rich customer insights efficiently.

Step two: Send a feedback invite

Did you know that requesting feedback from your patients is made incredibly easy using Bridge-IT dental software. From within the practice management software you can design your own feedback web form, selecting questions and ratings on key performance indicators that will enable your business to adjust it’s working practices and better meet patient needs and enhance satisfaction. Once you have chosen your key review questions, a feedback request can be automatically sent to a patient after they have completed their appointment. This requires no intervention from your staff, it is all handled by Bridge-IT. Once completed, the patient’s responses are transmitted back into the Bridge-IT dental software so that it can be processed. A comprehensive report can then be easily generated on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, providing you with the tools you need to improve your practice.

The patient feedback facility is included in the web portal module, so yes, you can start collecting positive reviews without paying a single penny extra. This is in contrast to dedicated review companies such as Working Feedback, who have a minimum charge of £79+vat per month, plus a £500 set up fee for their most basic package. With Bridge-IT you can accumulate all the data you need using functionality already built into the software.

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