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If you are a dental practice that is not taking online payments in 2022/23, are you falling behind the technology curve?

The ability to process and receive payments online is really essential for any modern practice seeking to offer convenience and security to patients.  After much research, we decided to use Stripe as our online payment processor as their fees are the lowest on the market, currently just 1.2% plus 20p per transaction.

The payment processor (Stripe) transmits information from your customer’s credit/debit card to your bank and the customer’s bank. They deal with issues like card limits, credit card validity, security, and so on. If the patient has enough money in their account, the transaction will be approved, and the payment will go through. The payment processor is like a middleman between the bank and the dental practice.

Bridge-IT’s online payment gateway seamlessly connects your software with the payment processor. Basically, the payment gateway handles the technical side of the transaction and ensures that you’ll be able to receive your customers’ payments.  You can use Bridge-IT to accept payments in three main ways:

The Payment Portal – Invoices – When you create an invoice within Bridge-IT, instead of printing it and handing it to the patient for payment at the reception desk, you can simply press the “Payment Portal” button on the invoice dialogue. This will instantly send a link to the patients e-mail meaning the patient can view the invoice and make a payment using any device they have to hand, including their mobile phone.

The Payment Portal – PrePayments – When creating a payment in Bridge-IT, instead of making a regular payment, you can switch to taking a “Pre-Payment”. When saved, the program will automatically transmit the pre-payment request to the patient via the payment portal. Once paid online, any invoice that is raised on their account will have their pre-payment made against it without any further work on your side.

Online Booking – The facility for patients to book their appointments online has been around for some years, however we recently introduced the new option to take a payment at the point the appointment is booked. You can set within the Bridge-IT software the amount you wish to charge for each type of treatment (either a deposit or the full amount), and this will be immediately be requested of the patient before the appointment is booked.

Whatever method you use, the dialogue below shows what the patient will see on their device when paying, with an image of either the invoice or the pre-payment alongside it. At this point, the patient simply enters their credit card details and the payment processor will perform the necessary checks before confirming that payment is accepted and transmitting this information back to the Bridge-IT software. The funds are usually transferred into your own business account within 2 working days.

Whatever solution, or range of solutions you opt for, online payment processing should be integrated as a seamless element of your practice management software and able to reconcile with your patient and business accounts at all times. This should be a key part of the digital transformation of your business.

For further support, advice and guidance on digital tools and online patient engagement, please contact the Software 4 Dentists support team on 0800 612 4875, who will be happy to help.

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