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As a dental practice owner, you are keenly aware that streamlining your businesses cash flow is vital, especially as patient budgets tighten in this competitive market. You need dental practice management software that seamlessly integrates with your payment system. – That’s why Software 4 Dentists partnered with PaymentSense, who recently introduced a new and improved service – Dojo.

Stay ahead of the trends

Consumer habits have shifted rapidly and significantly. While contactless card payments were increasing steadily across the UK and globally, already, COVID-19 accelerated our contactless usage tenfold, moving a lot of us closer to a completely cash-free lifestyle. So you need a payments provider that can keep the pace. That’s why all Dojo small business card machines are robust, flexible and secure. And ready to accept contactless debit and credit card payments fresh out of the box. Not to mention Apple Pay and Google Pay too. And switching between Wi-Fi or mobile SIM connectivity means you’ll never miss a beat.

Simplifying the payment process

All of Dojo’s card machines offer contactless payments and can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and all cards on Discover® Global Network – so you never have to worry about not being able to take payments from certain cards etc. Because they use the latest technology, you can concentrate on what you do best, taking care of your patients, knowing Dojo is keeping your payments rolling in.

Stay in control

As a practice owner, you always want to feel in control of your business. – With the Dojo app you can measure and manage all of your practice payments any time, anywhere.

Stay secure

Software 4 Dentists understands the importance of data security to our customers.  All Dojo card machines come with point-to-point encryption. It’s one of the most secure standards, so you can be sure your card data is protected – and so is your hard-earned income.

Always on hand to help

Practice owners are often reluctant to change their payment provider for fear that something may go wrong and they are left unable to take those all-important payments. But, although Dojo may be a tech company, they aim to ensure that their customers are cared for. Whether you need a hand getting started, or just have a general query, Dojo’s UK based support team are on hand to help. They can even log into your device remotely to help out when you need a hand 7 days a week from 8 am to 11 pm.

Switching to Dojo

Dojo are determined to make switching from your current provider to their service as effortless as possible. To assist with this, they will even cover cancellation fees. If you choose to switch to Dojo, they’ll pay up to £3,000 towards your cancellation fees or they will look to beat or match your current rates. In fact it was their attractive rates and easy onboarding that made us decide to partner with them in the first place.

To ensure that your practice is running as efficiently as possible even when taking payments and to find out how to start implementing Dojo into your business, call Software 4 Dentists today on 0800 612 4675.

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