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Customer Testimonials.

Here at Software4Dentists we have many happy customers. See what some of them said about Bridge-IT in the testimonials below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we’ll gladly assist!

Dr Tehir NadeemSolihull Dental Practice

When choosing my first practice-based [system], I found the Bridge IT system was perfect. It is so easy and intuitive to use. It is a real game changer and makes record keeping hassle free.
The support is amazing and although we have not needed much help, the team is at hand and always happy to help. Highly recommend this software to all colleagues.

Dr Brian LambertyBLDP

We believe that Bridge-IT is the most efficient and most elegant solution available today. But the best accreditation for any product comes, not from its developers, but from it’s users. Bridge-IT has been integrated seamlessly into my practice for many years. It is intuitive, logical and complete as well as graphically attractive in comparison to other dental software.

Dr Clare WrightIce Dental

I have spent many unhappy months using the Software of Excellence system, and the relief at switching to Bridge-IT is enormous. The software is clear, concise and easy to use. My staff have not used computers in surgery before and all were competent within a few days.

Dr Craig JeffreyHayle Dental Practice

We have been using Bridge-IT at Hayle Dental Practice for several years now. I have been impressed the entire time by the stability of the program and it’s ease of use. It is not overly complex for the user but really does do everything that is needed for a modern dental practice. Over the years the team at Bridge-IT have upgraded their product in eminently sensible ways making it more useful without making things unwieldy. The software back up is great when you need it. It has been a pleasure.

Dr Gillian LawsonAvenue Parade Dental Practice

After seven years using our previous practice management software, replacing it was a huge decision for us. After considering a dozen alternative packages we finally decided on Bridge-IT due to it being such a powerful tool, albeit hidden behind a simple, intuitive (and great looking!) interface, combined with excellent value for money. The training & support we’ve received from Software 4 Dentists has been second-to-none, and it’s amazing to stand back for a moment and see all that we’ve achieved over the past few years using Bridge-IT after only a couple of days training.

Dr Mike ProudWeedon Road Dental Practice

We use Bridge-IT to run our 5 surgery practice using 8 terminals over a wired and wireless network which we put together and maintain ourselves. None of our staff had any previous IT experience and despite being frightened by the prospect of computerisation, they now enjoy using the system. Any problems we’ve had have been addressed promptly by Software 4 Dentists. The program’s simplicity, stability and low demand on resources confirm we made the right choice.

Dr Stephen HandelsmanSHDP

I have been using Bridge-IT for several years and find that it functions very smoothly. My staff have enjoyed learning to use it and it has integrated into the practice well. The Software 4 Dentists help desk is a pleasure to call and queries have always been dealt with promptly.

Dr David EndDavid End Dental Practice

Having just switched to using computers in my practice I have found the Bridge-IT software easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a simplified system which is very user friendly. But above all customer support is superb. I have the utmost confidence in my new software and am pleased I have moved into the 21st century as Bridge-IT looks great too.

Dr Verena Tunn SalihogluOldmachar Dental Care

The Bridge-IT software is very flexible. Every practice can customize it to it’s needs and it is very easy to learn. It convinces by it’s outstanding efficiency. For me, it’s the only way to go in practice software.

Dr AhmedFrom a customer whose practice was bought out and had to switch to SOE

I am so sorry the new practice owners decided to change our dental software from Bridge-IT to Software of Excellence. I am now struggling with "Exact". I originally used it over 15 years ago - and it still looks the same! There's no comparison with the lovely and user friendly Bridge-IT software.
I have called the SOE support desk numerous times and left messages for them to call back and have heard nothing. Your team were always at the other end of the phone and happy to assist us, even developing software updates that my practice needed.
Your software is ace! And now I realise it even more.
Please feel free to use this as a review in the hope that no one else makes the mistake of moving from Bridge-IT to SOE ever again!

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