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At Software 4 Dentists, we’re aware of the challenges that come from running an efficient dental practice.  Whether it’s meeting targets, maximising chair time, or simply keeping your patients happy, those challenges can seem never-ending. That is why we’ve designed Bridge-IT to minimise the stress of practice management – meaning you can focus on your patients.

Bridge-IT’s automated recalls are just one of many ways we ensure that you save valuable time and your patients become your main focus. Automated recalls remove the need for you to have staff running weekly reports and manually calling patients to remind them of their need to return for a check-up at your practice. Instead, Bridge-IT will recall your patients who are are due to return automatically every day, removing the worry that any of your patients are being missed or forgotten about.

Automated recalls – How It Works

As much as we know that recalls are beneficial to your practice, we appreciate that the recall process can seem a little daunting if you don’t fully understand how it works.

The automated recall workflow is simple to understand – essentially, a recall is created, and correspondence is sent when:

  • Your practice has automated recalls turned on and configured within Bridge-IT.
  • The patient has a due recall date and a recall interval set.
  • The patient does not already have an appointment booked that’s set as the type of recall they are due. For example, either the patient has no appointment booked, or they already have an appointment booked with their dentist, but they are also due to visit the hygienist.

As a practice, you can decide how far in advance of their due recall date a recall is sent, either by SMS, e-mail or letter, in order of your practice preference and also the GDPR answers the patient has provided. For example, a patient may be happy to receive a text to their phone, but has specifically asked not to be sent e-mails. If the patient does not respond to the first recall, you can configure Bridge-IT to automatically send up to 5 additional recalls at lengthening intervals of time, varying the the message that is sent to encourage the patient to return.

Why are recalls so important?

Software 4 Dentists understands the importance of building solid and communicative relationships with your patients. When you notify them of upcoming appointments, you can build rapport, thus increasing patient loyalty and the returnability of your practice. The recall workflows are easy to tailor to suit the specifics of your practice so you offer the most professional service and a valuable patient journey with automated recalls.

Recalls can be used alongside our online booking system which can be fully integrated into your own web site, so the recall message you send provides an instant way for your patients to easily book their appointments – freeing up your practice phone lines and saving further time and money.

Software 4 Dentists are constantly looking for ways to save you valuable time for practicing dentistry. With automated recalls, you can fill practice chairs, keep patients informed and ensure you provide the best oral health care.

To learn more about automated recalls and how to use them, click here to view our tutorial video on automated reminders and recalls. Alternatively speak to our support staff on 0800 612 4875.  As all of our customers know, we are always happy to help.

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