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Why use software for your dental practice?

Keep your dental office running smoothly and up to date, with a modern software application. This improves efficiency and also patient care. It simplifies your day to day work, reducing your paper based workload.

Why use Bridge-IT Dental Software?

For a modern, well organized dental practice, our customers tell us that the software we use, Bridge-IT is the best. Bridge-IT offers a user friendly software solution that does everything needed. Including managing patient records, staff records, booking appointments, looking after finances, recording clinical and treatment notes, and much more. It is a simplified system that looks good, is intuitive and has excellent customer support.

How does Bridge-IT software compare with other dental software?

Comparing it to other dental software, it is easier to use, being logical, intuitive and it looks great. Customers tell us that it is a powerful tool, and yet is so easy to use. They are particularly impressed with the good customer support they receive from software4dentists. Dental practices can customize the Bridge-IT software to their own needs.

What about for the first time software user?

Staff who have not used computers in surgery before have learned within just a few days how to use this dental software, becoming fully competent.

How can I see for myself how good Bridge-IT Dental Software is?

Download a trial of Bridge-IT v4 here. This is a 60 day trial, and it’s free!

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