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[Sticky] Can I import my patient data from another system?


Can I import my patient data from another system?


Bridge-IT has comprehensive imports for many systems including Carestream and SOE. It can also import appointments, basic patient contact information, last recall date, financial status etc from any comma delimited file such as those produced by Excel, Outlook or any other system. In some circumstances it is also possible to import clinical notes to the patients record. A comma delimited file usually has a .csv file extension and has fields separated by a comma. For example:

“Jenny”,”Smith”,”15 Watts Way”,”High Wycombe” etc etc

In regard to importing additional data our usual policy is to examine your current database, and then give you an assessment of what can be extracted. Limitations of what can be imported generally lie with the old system rather than in Bridge-IT. i.e. what can be exported from the old system.

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