Why isn't an NHS tr...

Why isn't an NHS treatment provided being added to the FP17 claim form?  



When I complete an NHS treatment, like an Upper Denture, it is not being added to Part 5a Clinical Data Set on the FP17 claim form. I have to manually increment the value.

Why is this?

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Bridge-IT allows you to completely customise your practice's available treatments. This provides a huge amount of scope for you to adjust these to suit your practice completely. 

When you customise or create a treatment that can be provided on the NHS, you can select whether the treatment should be added to the Clinical Data Set.

If an NHS treatment is not being added/incremented automatically on the FP17, it means that the treatment has not been linked to a Clinical Data Set.

To add this link:

  • Navigate to the Treatments database in the left-side navigation panel.
  • Double click on the required treatment in the list.
  • The Treatment Editor dialog will open. 
  • Switch to the Links tab.
  • Underneath the NHS Details section, find the drop-down labelled Clinical Data Set (FP17).
  • Select the correct option from the drop-down for this treatment.
  • Click Save and Close when finished.

Form now on, when this treatment is completed, the FP17 will have the linked value automatically incremented in Part 5a Clinical Data Set.