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Is Bridge-IT compatible with Mac, Linux and other operating systems?


Is Bridge-IT compatible with Mac, Linux and other operating systems?


Bridge-IT was designed from the ground up to work on Windows operating systems. The program will not run natively on any other operating system. Windows is the only fully supported environment, when using either the Local or Cloud editions of Bridge-IT.

Cloud edition:

You may be able to connect to the Cloud edition of Bridge-IT on non-windows PCs, providing there is a suitable RDP client available on the system. The user experience will not be as smooth as on Windows. If you choose to connect to Bridge-IT cloud edition in this way, we are only able to provide support for problems arising directly within the Bridge-IT application. We would not be able to provide support for connection issues or other compatibility problems.

Local edition:

If you don't have a Windows PC you may be able to run Windows virtually via an application. Examples include Parallels for Mac and VirtualBox for Linux. We cannot offer assistance in setting up these environments though, as they are out of the scope of our services.

If you choose to run Bridge-IT in a Windows virtual machine, we would only be able to offer support within the Windows environment and not with problems arising outside of the virtual environment, including networking and system errors. 

Other application compatibility layers (for example Wine) may be able to run Bridge-IT on non Windows environments, but unfortunately we are unable to provide support for this method of running Bridge-IT and therefore cannot offer Bridge-IT software packages for installation in these environments.

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