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How do I set up gmail with Bridge-IT?


How do I set up a gmail account with Bridge-IT?


To use a gmail account within the Bridge-IT program follow these steps:

  • First, manage your gmail account by going to "Manage your Google Account".
  • Select "Security" on the left of the screen and make sure 2 Step verification is turned on in your account. This will make your google account far more secure.
  • Once 2 step verification is turned on, go back to "Security" and select "App Passwords"
  • Select app as "Other (Custom name)" and then type in the name "Bridge-IT"


  • Make a note of the unique app password that is generated. You will need to enter this into the Bridge-IT program.


  • Go to "File/Practice Settings" in the top left menu, select the "E-Mail" tab and set the fields to the settings below, using your own account name, and then enter your app password into the "App Password for 2 Factor Authentication" box.











You should now be able to send e-mails from Bridge-IT using your gmail account.

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