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[Sticky] What are the differences between the Cloud and Local editions?  


The cloud based version allows you to run Bridge-IT on your desktop but it actually runs on our secure servers which we host for you. This means that your data can be accessed from any PC and from any location, so it is a good option for providers who want to be able to access their appointment diary or patient information at any time. There are a few limitations regarding the available modules for the cloud version owing to the virtual nature of the program and these are described on the pricing page.

The local edition is a desktop application that is installed on your own computers and which stores all of your data on your own in-house network. It has no limitations as regards modules but is only available online if you leave one of your computers on at the practice and use a remote desktop tool such as TeamViewer.

Posted : 04/06/2019 3:18 pm
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